Christian caring, modelled on the example of love, service and teaching of Jesus Christ, is at the heart of the work of St. Luke’s Home. Chaplaincy is an integral and important element of this person-centred care and is about accompanying residents, families and staff on the individual’s journey through residential care. We seek to meet the pastoral, religious and spiritual needs of residents regardless of denomination or whether a resident is a person of faith or not.

The Chaplain

Rev. Paul Robinson is the Chaplain and a priest in the Church of Ireland. He liaises with external chaplaincy colleagues and coordinates the Pastoral Care team in order to support all residents, families and staff in responding to and coping with pastoral, religious and spiritual needs that arise in the residential care setting.
Paul has an additional sacramental ministry to Church of Ireland residents. As well as chaplaincy duties in St. Luke’s Home he is the Priest –in – Charge of St Anne, Shandon.

Pastoral Care Team
The Chaplain coordinates a Team of Pastoral Care volunteers who provide a one-to-one relationship completely centred on the resident. Volunteers are based in a particular unit in order to build relationships with residents and staff and more effectively provide pastoral care and support on an individual basis.
Our Pastoral Care volunteers are:
• Catherine Allen
• Ted Rea
• Viginia Giglio
• Mary Normoyle
• Jane Appleby
• Hilary Dring

Visiting Chaplains
The Chaplain coordinates with denominational colleagues who are available to provide sacramental ministry to residents on request.
Roman Catholic Chaplains: Father J.P.O’Riordan
Father Colin Doocey
Methodist Chaplain: Rev R Andrew Robinson
Presbyterian Chaplain: Richie Cronin


Service Times St Luke’s Home Chapel

  • Wednesday 11.30am Morning Prayer
  • Mass on the 2nd Wednesday
  • Saturday 11.30am Mass
  • Sunday 12.00pm Usually The Eucharist (Holy Communion) occasionally Morning Prayer