Day Care Centre

St. Luke’s Day Care centre, run with the support of the Health Services Executive – South, is a self-contained, fully staffed section within St. Luke’s Home, utilising the facilities such as catering, physiotherapy, and other services available in the Home.

Day Care Centre CorkDay Care Centre Cork

This facility is a very important support to the older person who is still able to live at home but needs to have a link to available services in the community. Day Care allows them to retain their independence without feeling isolated and gives them the opportunity to meet up with others in a similar situation for social activities and interaction.

St. Luke’s Home’s Day Care Centre:

  • Works closely with the local health centres of the Health Services Executive and with clients’ General Practitioner or Public Health Nurse.
  • Provides respite and support for the clients family
  • Enables the client to enjoy a change of environment in a safe and secure way
  • Promotes and encourages social interaction and intellectual stimulation
  • Allows monitoring of physical and mental health needs, and risk assessment