Residential Care

We at St. Luke’s believe that the resident is the most important person. Each individual resident has intrinsic worth and dignity, and has a right to respectful, personalised care. Each resident has an entitlement to be autonomous, and assistance to pursue personal goals should be available. Where independence and autonomy is not possible, an appropriate family member will be encouraged to act in an advocacy capacity.

As behavior is a meaningful message, we acknowledge that it arises from personal needs, therefore we will at all times endeavour to understand the person’s internal frame of mind, in order to understand the context in which it occurs. The staff of the Home recognise their role as one of carer, facilitator, friend and advocate.

Residential Care CorkResidential Care Cork

We aim to create a Home like environment where all residents feel safe, secure and supported. Our objective is to enable the individual to attain their optimal potential for physical and mental health. We will at all times encourage a participative approach amongst the residents in the planning of their care; and also in discussion on quality of service provision. In recognition of family and kinship ties, we offer flexibility with visiting times and welcome a partnership approach between all involved with the residents well being.