Respite Care

Respite Care is the term used for services designed to give you a break from caring.

St Luke’s currently offers respite for people living with dementia and their families. There are two single rooms with ensuite bathrooms located on our Dementia unit, Maguire House.

Respite Care is funded by the HSE and can be accessed through the Public Health Nurses (PHNs). The PHNS make a referral for respite to the Nursing Homes Support Team who allocate places accordingly. Currently, a person may be entitled to up to 28 days free Respite Care in any one 12-month period.

The family can express a preference for where and when they would like to avail of the Respite and every effort will be made to accommodate these preferences.


Once Respite Care has been scheduled at St Luke’s Home, our policy is to carry out a nursing assessment at home for people who are referred to our respite service for the first time. We are keen to personalise the experience of respite for the person with dementia and their family as much as possible.

CLICK HERE for Information regarding admission for respite at St Luke’s Home.